Altered Zen Inspired Yoga Tee-shirts

All my tees are OOAK altered designs. I do custom orders upon request. Thanks for stopping by!

This altered tee-shirt comes in large. The color is a true orange — cotton/spandex blend… Sizes do run a bit small so I suggest ordering one size larger to ensure fit… Designs will be a bit different per tee-shirt, as they are originals…The Chinese symbol means “Om”… This tee Qualifies for * free shipping* — priced @ $20.00… To order and for questions — email me… I accept PayPal.

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etsy-ebay 023This altered tee-shirt comes in Lg/Med/Sm… The color is a black –100%cotton (pre-washed)… The shirts I used for this style are men’s sizes, so they run a bit large and do stretch… The Chinese symbol means ‘om’… Designs are hand painted so they will each be a bit different per tee-shirt… This tee Qualifies for * free shipping* and is priced @ $20.00 … To order and for questions  — email me… I accept PayPal.
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This tee- hirt comes in large and is 100% cotton. The Chinese symbol means ‘om’… Designs are hand painted so they will each be a bit different per tee-shirt… This tee Qualifies for * free shipping* and is priced @ $20.00 … To order and for questions  — email me… I accept PayPal.

It’s OK to Go a Little Crazy Sometimes

tumblr_mi0jrgXvGd1rcygsso1_500A couple of weeks after my first “clear” scan I went a little *crazy*. I had this urge to run away, from exactly what or where — I don’t know. I examined everything about my life and tried to figure out what I wanted to keep and what had to go and that included my marriage. All marriages and any relationship for that matter has it’s ups and downs. People are complicated and it’s hard to share daily life with someone without having second thoughts sometimes. I think I had a case of the “what if’s?”

My husband stayed with me through all my treatments, went to work and helped me bathe and use the bathroom. He stayed and toughed it out. Other spouses in similar situations choose to leave. Taking care of a  loved one who is seriously ill is no picnic and I was no exception. I am grateful for all he did for me, but back then — when I was told I was cancer free — I had the urge to run away — to be free and do as I pleased. I knew I had been given a second chance and I didn’t want to miss out anything. Exactly what I was missing out on I cannot say. I never had any grandiose plans — to travel the world ( I hate flying), climb a mountain or sail to some exotic land. I am happy putzing around my house, playing with my animals, reading a good book or snooping around thrift stores.

I even had a terrible crush on my doctor. He is really handsome and I fantasized that he  felt the same about me and wanted to run away with me. He is at least 15 years my junior, works 24 hours a day and is married. What was I thinking?  I read that falling in love with the doctor who saved your life is quite common.

I went a little cuckoo for a couple of months but like Buddha says “nothing is permanent” and luckily I did not do anything rash. I rode out my mental storm and eventually recovered.

Looking back on that time, I think I went a little crazy because it all hit me at once — how close I was from losing everything that mattered to me the most. My life. My everyday life. I am happy. I am content. When I was going through treatment, I didn’t have time to think about running away, or think I was missing out on some unknown exciting event.  I had to focus on getting to my appointments, eating, sleeping and fighting to get well.

I am back on track and my marriage is intact.  I am grateful. I am one of the lucky ones. And if I had to take some time to examine my life — that’s ok. I discovered it’s perfect the way it is.



It’s the Annual Volunteer Luncheon

This is the second year I got to attend the UCI annual volunteer luncheon. Wow! Time goes by so fast. I have been volunteering in the Infusion Center for 1/12 years already. We took  a group photo but since I was in the picture I couldn’t take a picture, so I have to wait to get my copy. I will post it when it comes in.

It’s really an honor to be a part of such a caring group of people. Two of the volunteers have been at this hospital for over twenty years. When I was getting treatment, the volunteers helped to make sure my needs were taken care of. One in particular is Bob (the person sitting next to me in the picture)…he was stationed at the valet outside the Chao Cancer Center. I had to go there for radiation and doctor appointments daily for three months. He always had a wheelchair ready for me when he saw our car in the que. He even helped pull me out of the back seat so I could get in to the wheelchair. 

I had to lay down in the back seat of our car anytime we went somewhere. I couldn’t sit on my tush for seven months…the pain was too intense for words…even with pain killers.

I remember the day I walked in the Chao Center instead of rolling in a wheelchair…Bob saw me and with tears in his eyes he told me how happy he was to see me look so much better. He wasn’t sure if I would make it. When I started volunteering we  became friends quickly. Bob is a ten-year Melanoma survivor…another walking miracle. We are living proof that doctors are doctors, not psychics and that people do survive cancer…even so-called stage IV.

volunteer lunch 015

I don’t eat out very often because being vegan can be problematic and today’s luncheon was a prime example. When I got my invite via email, I said I would go but I need a vegan dish. The person who answered me said that was no problem.

The meal was banquet style and the first course was salad with grated cheese on top. I politely told the waiter that I am vegan and would like a different salad, so he left the salad and brought me French dressing. I asked another server if she could bring me a vegan salad and she did. It was actually lovely  and better than I expected.

volunteer lunch 014

Next came the entrée. I got chicken without gravy, my table mates got gravy with theirs. Bob said maybe the waiter thought I said I am a vampire and he figured they don’t like gravy. Luckily the other waiter came over and exchanged the chicken for a plate of steamed veggies. Eating in a restaurant with a group who eat meat is a problem for vegans and most restaurants have slim pickings to choose from, so it’s easier for me to eat at home.

Did I mention I sat at the table with the volunteer doggies? That is always a treat. Pet therapy is a vital tool for patients…animals know when someone is sick and it’s well documented that animals help lower a person’s blood pressure when petting a dog.

This is my table mate Etta…she always come to work in a fashionable outfit.

volunteer lunch 013

Over all it was a nice lunch and I got to get dressed up. And in the grand scheme of things it really isn’t about the food, it’s about spending time with others and being present.