The Heartbreak of Psoriasis

imagesCADY4K9LMy skin is not happy these days. I have an appointment with a dermatologist next week and hopefully we can come up with a plan. My oncologist’s NP thinks I have eczema on my face and psoriasis on the rest of my body. Great!  I won the *yucky* skin lottery! She thinks I have it because — I just do. I think it’s a result of my chemo/radiation treatment. I know I have not had any treatments for 2 years but my skin changed before that. I know because I saw it — I know what my skin looked like before treatment. I am not complaining. Ok, maybe a little.  I want to find alternative treatments because, so far, I am only reading about steroids as the treatment and that’s not ringing my bell! I want to figure out if it moves internally or only topically. It seems to me that since it shows up in random places on my body, it must be internal, and therefore, herbs could be the way to go. I did find a lengthy article online. It has everything you ever wanted to know about chemo/radiation side effects.  Check it out and you will find out…you are not crazy.



2 thoughts on “The Heartbreak of Psoriasis

  1. Thank you for the link. I still have my red rash all over my legs that may be a new condition, may be related to a medication, or could be related to chemotherapy. Maybe I’ll find an answer. I hope you find some relief as well.

  2. I would go to a Chinese herbalist, although I don’t know of any around the area or outside of San Francisco, however; you can always look on line. I hate recommending people in case something goes wrong, would’nt want the blame on me.

    I made it today at Supreme Master’s Los Angeles Center in Riverside, it was a totally exhilarating experience…

    ML&B’s Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2013 22:41:04 +0000 To:

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