This is how my morning went…

monkey typing

Jump out of bed

Fix critters breakfast

Fix myself breakfast

Wash up

Throw on clothes

Drive to store to buy groceries

( all while my monkey brain seizes the chance to sneak into my brain within 30 minutes of me being awake. By the time I reach the grocery store it has full control. Walking up and down the aisles inside Trader Joe I realize there is an all out fight club going on inside my head. I can’t seem to take back control. It doesn’t matter how many positive affirmations I tell myself. It’s a left… it’s right…an upper cut… I am going down for the count)

Moral to my story…

Next time I get up earlier to make sure I take the time to meditate and practise yoga to make sure my head is on straight.

p.s.    I did meditate after the groceries were put away and I am back on track.



1 thought on “This is how my morning went…

  1. The shifting of our thoughts from one subject to another coincides with our breathing, this is how people never breath evenly…next time your thoughts go topsy turvy, focus on your breathing…just breath evenly and feel the intake and the outtake, this is how to maintain calmness…easy huh?

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