Thinking About My Grandma

1111976_retro_clockI just finished my morning meditation. There is a timer that regulates the heating/ac gadget that sits on the wall next to me that makes a tic-toc noise like a Baby Ben clock. Sometimes I hear it when I meditate, sometimes I don’t.

Today, I heard it and the sound brought me back to when I was around six years old. I was at my grandma’s apartment.  When I stayed overnight I would sleep with her in her bed. She lived in a one bedroom, so it made sense that we shared the space. A Baby Ben wind up, alarm clock sat on her bedroom night stand. I used to listen to it and watch the hands slowly move while I laid in bed. There was something about that clock’s tic-toc sound that made me feel safe when I drifted off to sleep.


I didn’t get to spend a great deal of time with my grandma, and most of those times were at family gatherings for the holidays, so any chance I did get to have her all to my self was special. Probably the best memories I have is when she took me to see A Hard Days Night, Roller Derby ( I saw my grandma’s wild side that night), and watching the Sunny and Cher Show on her small black and white t.v.

Maybe hearing the gentle tic-toc in my livingroom was a sign that my grandma was reaching out to me — letting me know that she was thinking about me.

I am not one to believe that we go to a specific place when we cross-over into the spirit world, but I do think we manifest into another energy form and are never far from those we love.



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