It’s a Grey Day in Sunny So-Cal

659993_waves_breaking_at_half_moon_bay_beachThe day greeted me this morning with grey skies. I used to dislike grey days. I’m a fair weather gal. That’s why I live in sunny Southern California. That’s probably why over 10 million people choose to sit in endless traffic. It’s all about the sunny weather man.

But today Mother Nature decided we needed a change or maybe she needed a change. I decided instead of being bummed out about it, I will use the day to reflect, to read, to do something creative — focus on my artsy side —  maybe watch a movie.

What do you like to do on your grey weather days?



* photo courtesy of Jonah Probell

4 thoughts on “It’s a Grey Day in Sunny So-Cal

  1. Yes, it was a gray day today in SoCal. My hubby and I didn’t let it stop us from having fun, however. We drove to Venice Beach and ate at Café Gratitude and then walked on the beach. It would have been more fun in the sun, but we still had a pretty good day. Are you close to the coast? I live right by the ocean, and it’s overcast for the months of May, June and sometimes into July. I know I shouldn’t complain about living in SoCal, but I tend to get down during those gloomy months. I’m with you, it’s hard to be sunny when the sky is gray.

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