Yoga is Not About Doing the Perfect Pose

391679_429668807093442_1060530644_nI found this inspiring woman’s story on another blog a few months ago. Don’t ask me which one…my chemo brain took over and I forgot, but I did remember to bookmark it. She is the one who inspired me to get back into practising yoga. You can visit her website here.

In the past I took different kinds of yoga classes. Most of them, I only visited once. I felt intimidated by all the bodies twisted up like pretzels and I could barely touch my toes. Then I went to one where the wnidows were closed and somebody turned the heat up and not only could I not touch my toes, I could barely breathe.

I decided to buy a yoga video instead– remember those? I mean videos. It was Am – Pm Yoga with Rodney Yee. Practising in the comfort of my living room was much better. After several months I saw some progress. Not only could I touch my toes, I could sit in a modified Lotus position for a few minutes.

Then I got sick and my body became stiff and I could barely bend over. The radiation did a number on my muscles. I stopped stretching and focused on walking. Then I read  Ela’s story and I am back on track.

I learned it’s not about doing the perfect pose. It’s not even about exercise, it’s about a lifestyle — it’s about being the best you that you can be.



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