The 1st Hour of My Day is All About Me

imagesCADT7AICOk, the title is a little misleading. When I open my eyes the first thing I see is one of my cats staring into my face. I do manage to stretch and get in a few things I am grateful for, like my comfy bed, looking out my window and seeing beautiful trees and of course– being alive.

Then I’m off to the kitchen to feed my critters. They have to be #1 otherwise they will follow me, or rather try to trip me until I put down their food bowls. I do practise mindful feeding though. Ok, you got me again — I practise practising mindful feeding. Actually whenever I walk around my home, I work real hard to be mindful of where I’m going because I don’t use my walker indoors…I furniture and wall – walk, and it never fails that at least once during the day, one of my critters will run in front of me and if I’m not paying attention — down I go. Luckily, we have carpet, so the fall isn’t as bad.

When they are eating, I can then focus on me. The first thing I do are gentle yoga stretches for around 15 minutes. Then it’s a 20-30 minute meditation. Lately I like to use the Vipassana Bell .  Then I fix myself breakfast. I am a creature of habit when it comes to that meal. Its been the same (except when I was in treatment) for as long as I can remember:

One large cup of coffee with a splash soy creamer, 1 tsp. raw sugar; 2 pieces of buttered toast (Trader Joes, California Sprouted Protein bread)  topped with raw honey. Sometimes I mix it up and throw cinnamon sugar on the buttered toast.

Then I figure, I’m ready for whatever life decides to throw at me.

How do you start your day?



1 thought on “The 1st Hour of My Day is All About Me

  1. I start my day with saying: “Gawd I’m still alive…” then quickly shift gears and give thanks and praise for all the blessings and pleasant surprises the day brings!

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