Thinking Out Loud


I write for an online political rag. My official title is associate editor at large, but I’m really just a  political pot stirrer. It seems to come naturally to me — meaning I can’t seem to keep my opinions to myself and if I’m not speaking up, my facial expression is a dead give away.  Come to think of it…I’ve always been that way. That might be why I don’t really join groups because sooner or later something always comes up and I respond with ” That doesn’t sit well with me”, which usually results in me getting the stink eye from the person I said it to. Sometimes I even find myself at odds with myself especially now that I am practising to follow Buddhist teachings.

Then I read an interview with His Holiness the Dalai Lama who admitted that he is grumpy sometimes. I know he mixes it up at times –politically speaking. So I have been giving this some thought and decided that it’s part of being a complex human and even if I find myself in the middle of a heated political battle — I am at least living in the moment. I just need to remind myself to let it go and not let that conversation consume my thoughts for the whole day.



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