Some Personal Insights About My Yoga Practice


I have been practising Yoga for a little over a month and I am getting a bit more limber. I am still stiff in the morning when I get up and stiff again at night, so I stretch twice daily and a bit during the day. It would be great to get my balance back but that is slow going. My legs don’t move as fast as I would like either, so if I were being chased by a lion I would definitely be dinner, but then again, I don’t know anyone who can out run a lion, nor do lions roam my city, so I won’t worry about that.

Yoga does more though than help me stretch my limbs. I use that time to breathe and focus on what I am doing. It’s part of my mindfulness practice aka meditation. It really isn’t about whether or not I regain my balance or run, skip or jump. It’s about taking the time to focus on my well-being. It’s up to me to take care of myself and make sure I do things that nurture me. Yoga is part of my staying healthy routine, like eating foods that are good for me, getting adequate rest and living a more centered, simple life.

There is something interesting happening as well…I am running into people lately who practise Yoga, Buddhism, and/or meditate. I find meditation magazines in hospital waiting rooms.  A woman who was giving a presentation at a meeting a couple of days ago brought a book about Yoga. Yoga was not the topic. She was there to answer questions about health insurance and probably brought the book  for personal use. I asked her later if she practised Yoga and she said no but she taught visualization and practised Qi Gong. I know we attract what we think, and I am certainly seeing examples of that a lot. I  find it amusing and use the experience as a reminder to watch my thoughts carefully so not to attract junk in to my space.



4 thoughts on “Some Personal Insights About My Yoga Practice

  1. What a beautiful piece of writing. I have been practicing Hatha Yoga for decades and I wiill give you a couple of pieces of advice. The first is to be patient. In the beginning, I watched jealously as Yoga teachers, sitting on the floor, would spread their legs and place their forehead on the floor. i couldn’t get halfway there, but I was determined. I practiced about 1/2 hour most evenings and it took over 2 years before I could accomplish that simple little goal. So have patience and the other thing is to remember: there are only two things to be aware of when you are doing Yoga. One is your breath and the other is the feeling in your limbs. If you are thinking other thoughts, just let them float on by and get back to your breath. Good luck.

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