You Finished… Let’s Celebrate!


It’s your last chemo or radiation treatment!  So whatcha gonna do? You gotta celebrate silly! You have just passed a huge milestone and that is cause for some major celebrating!

When our patients at the infusion center (where I volunteer) receive their last treatment, they are presented with a mini cake and small champagne bottle Martinelli apple juice to celebrate their achievement. Let’s be honest, going through chemo and radiation sucks and to finish all the treatments is a major achievement.

I know that you might not feel like doing anything major because you just had a chemo or radiation treatment but now that it’s finally over your body will get back to normal, or at least your new normal. Everyone is different as far as a timetable, but most patients get their taste buds back in a few weeks, unless you had treatment in the neck or face area. I heard those patients take a bit longer.

I heard about a patient who got a punch card (like the ones they give out at your local coffee shop) when he began radiation treatments, and when he finished he burned the card…as part of a ceremony.

I didn’t get a punch card, so I chose to write an affirmation instead …it was something I picked out from Louise Hay’s book, You can Heal Your Life. Here’s what I wrote: I relax and let my body heal itself.  I wrote it on a note card and went outside (away from vegetation or anything flamable), lit it and watched the smoke go up to the universe…repeating the affirmation as it burned. Actually I do this little ritual a lot, especially when I am focused on something or want to express gratitude.


Here are a few other affirmations I have sent out to the universe:

 It feels so good to let go and relax.

I receive perfect health into my physical body.

Each cell of my body receives the healing light of my essence


So if you or a loved one is about to complete treatment, why not come up with your own idea how to mark the occasion.

xo  Inge

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