Noni Juice


My sister-in-law turned me on to Noni juice. She actually told me that her vet suggested she give Noni juice to her dog after it was diagnosed with cancer. Her dog lived two years after the diagnosis and died from old age, not cancer. So when I was diagnosed she asked me right away, “Did you buy a bottle of Noni juice yet?” At the time I didn’t but ordered it a few days later. I drank one shot a day for one year.

I met 2 other patients since then who told me they drink a shot of Noni juice daily as well, as part of their complementary care. Check out their webpage and see what you think. By the way, not all noni juices are equal. The ones sold in the stores have sugar and other additives.There is only one original and it’s only available from their online store.  You can find them here.

xo  Inge

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